Wallpaper Inspiration

by Alberta Brown


The wall wallpaper becomes one of the home decorating parts that will give a different impression and look wow when it is already in pairs on the wall. The use of wallpapers as wall coatings can be used on the entire room without exception.


However, we often think wallpapers and kitchens are not a matching pair. Placing a wallpaper on the wall of the backsplash, bar or covering every part of the wall is a very efficient and best way to add lots of colors and bold patterns to your kitchen.


Well, if you are confused how can the wallpaper and kitchen be a suitable pair? Here is some inspiring minimalist kitchen beautify using kitchen wall wallpaper.

1. Marble Wallpaper


Get a luxury and a maximum minimalist impression without renovating the room fully thanks to the marble patterned wall wallpaper. Talking marble everyone is definitely infatuated with the impression it has?

2. Back Splash Kitchen


The use of wallpapers on the backsplash section is an option for you who are not afraid to dare to decorate the kitchen space. To make it more soothing look give your kitchen with a simple and minimalist theme to tie the wallpaper together with the whole room.

3. Fruit Motif


It doesn't hurt to appear brave using striking colors like the use of this lemon patterned wallpaper. This very cheerful yellow color will give a good touch to your minimalist kitchen.

4. Natural Motif


Choose a natural patterned wallpaper. We take the example of banana leaf motif because it can give the impression of entertainment into the room. The green color of the banana leaf will provide comfort and tranquility when you are creating the kitchen space.

5. Revamp Design: Bar counters


Make the bar on your kitchen feel fancier with bold colored wallpaper on the wall section and below the counter bar. The alloy white chair fits perfectly with this color. The bold colors make the bar look contrasting and striking very well.

6. Birds and wheat


This Motif looks very natural. Like looking at the wheat fields with hundreds of sparrows on its stem.

It didn't feel to make the kitchen owner immersed in the harmonious tone of the voice of Twitter.

The blend of brown and black DOF makes your kitchen look monochrome and its harmonized when looking at the wallpaper

7. Onion


If you like the cute motif, the choice of kitchen spice wallpaper You can try to install your kitchen accident. Like this onion for example. With the colorful touch of the onion printed make your wall look cute and draw attention to be more diligent in the kitchen.

8. Natural Stone


If buying genuine natural stone is very draining wallet, you can try to give wallpaper image of natural stone that is quite similar to the original.

Natural Stone does give a very cool and natural impression to the walls of your home. Whether it is located on the terrace of your house or kitchen.

9. Dandelion Flower


The usual Dandelion flowers look brown. Unlike this, the black and white color is chosen to add a monochrome effect to your kitchen.

10. Magenta


Make your own hand to give your kitchen a quirky and elegant color. This flower is left to widen on the wall of your kitchen with a purple cabinet touch and make your kitchen impressed girly.

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