Portable Kitchen Sink

by Alberta Brown

Dishwasher is an important part of the kitchen. Not only has an important function, an attractive washing place can also beautify your kitchen design. Because however, the kitchen is not just a cooking room, but often a place where families gather.


If you're in a minimum for kitchen repairs, you can use the portable kitchen sink for a while but it still can be used for long-term depending on the way your own use.




And, some people often find it difficult to wash dishes or vegetables as they do a garden party or Barbecue in the park. Now there are some references to our Portable kitchen Sink. Please read here.

1. Deluxe cleaning table

Taps with fast connections and elongated sprayers that are perfect for cleaning fish and games besides easily hooked up to the park hose and have an integrated sink with drain for added convenience.


Surface Tilt and raised edges help keep the clean work area equipped with integrated tool storage and wire-mesh shelves. Folding legs allow you to easily store and portability. It doesn’t require a large space for this furniture construction, it only requires you to always keep it clean.

2. Portable kitchen camp


Portable Camp Kitchen offers a stable cooking surface and ample storage space of 31.5 x 21.3 inches with a food preparation Area ideal for cutting bahan27 1.8 x 20.5 inches as well as a side table accommodating most Coleman stoves and coolers

Handy tooling hooks and mesh shelves provide additional storage space. This kind of folding design fits into a compact case for easy carrying and storage.

3. Onvenient camping utilities


Because room wash enough with 2 separate water basins make cleaning or soaking fast and easy and with slots for garbage bags and clamps to hold the hose or fishing rod so that all your needs are covered. As well as sturdy durability made of HDPE and steel frame that is very durable, accommodating up to 132lbs, the holder at the place of the ruler and garbage bag that is on the table. Seeing this faucet is also convenient there is a quick connect faucet can be easily connected to the hose and sit on the table for quick and easy cleaning. With is overall size: 39.8 “L x 26.0 " W x 31.9 “H, Faucet connector size: 3/4 ", Weight capacity: 132lbs

4. Tier over the sink dish drying rack nonslip


Space Saver-the shelf of this plate expands to be used at the table, in the sink or over the sink. Easy to assemble, Over-The-Sinking will save you more space in the kitchen. Large capacity, and easy to store various bowls and plates.


The quality of this item is superior-stainless steel material, polishing and welding process, preventing rusting. Two-layered plate shelf with height adjustment, sturdy, durable and more effective for storage. And with EXTENDABLE-size unit (collapses) measuring 35.0/37.2 (L) x 9.8 (W) x 31.0 (H) inches


The sturdy Anti-Slip pipes, anti-Skid pads protect the pipes from four feet and they are very fat to bear a lot of weight. There are anti-slip PADS at the bottom of 4 feet in a sliding case even if there is water on the table.



With Modern type the rack plates have safe edges and smooth slots, which do not hurt plates and bowls. Adjustable bearings, removable hooks, special water pots for chopsticks, modern type Drainer gives you an interesting look to your kitchen

5. This portable self-Sink is contained hand wash station mobile washing fountains with Pump.


Very good for pre-schools, caring days, laboratories, clinics, hospitals, food truck services, festivals, regional exhibitions, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other public places to have water available for fast hand washing, or channeling water for laboratory work. The cabinet size is 24 “width X 29 " Height X 18.3 “Deep. The faucet is 10.5 “tall. The waterline is 1/4 “. One line.



To get hot water. If you want to have two lines of input, we can order a new tap. You need to fair a Mount space to put a cold, hot, and bucket of wastewater inside the cabinet – if you choose to have two lines of input. Inside the stainless-steel Sink dimensions are 12.9 “width X 10.23 " Height X 5 “Deep. Water bottles not included.


At this flow rate, it’s enough continuous droplets to wash your hands or fill a scientific instrument, but not a jet that is poured out. Given the limited size of water storage, it's desirable to maintain this flow rate. If you need to have a high-pressure jet, contact us for a higher-powered pump procurement. We can also order heaters.

Due to space limitation, heater is recommended for inclusion in the water supply tank and keep the temperature constant vs cold water tank separate heat. This product is powerful and built to endure. Please take your time to test run the water pump before installation, it helps you to save time to install correctly on one shot.

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