More Elegant Change Your Kitchen With A Rustic Theme

by Alberta Brown


The rustic design of a dwelling is now a trend. Rustic style usually emphasizes the natural impression, highlighting accents such as wood, stone, metal, and so on. The main characteristic of the rustic design is in the use of natural ornaments, or natural impression, such as stone, wood, rattan, and others. The processing of decorating elements is not given touch finishing, so the original beauty of any ornament can be seen.

Not only is the view of living room or large space suitable for the rustic style, the kitchen area is also suitable to be designed with this style. Hopefully it can be your inspiration.

1. Starting from brick wall


Kitchen wall design using bricks without plaster. This design is commonly used in rustic kitchens in overseas residences. Exposing the red bricks will produce a space with a traditional nuance that is very viscous, so the kitchen feels warmer and increasingly familiar.

If you want to experiment, you can use brick walls only at certain angles. The arrangement of bricks will be a unique focal point.

2. Build an atmosphere of antiquity and oldest

To build a more traditional atmosphere, you can equipt the kitchen with the rustic-style appliances as well.


It doesn't have to be really old fashioned, now it's been a lot of modern equipment modified so it looks traditional. Also giving a touch of certain colors and motives so that the room looks oldest. Brown color generally supports the rustic design style.

3. Make use of wood and iron furniture

Wood and iron materials contain a rustic feel that is so thick. You can use these two materials to dominate the kitchen so that the rustic atmosphere is increasingly felt.


Wood can be worn in making cabinets and shelf plates. Meanwhile, iron can be used for chairs and complementary appliances.

4. Slip plants as a decoration

To eliminate boredom and the monotonous kitchen atmosphere you can equipt the kitchen with ornamental plants. The presence of plants will animate the kitchen atmosphere.


Arrange the potted plants in one corner of the room, the window frame, or hang on the ceiling of the kitchen. Traditional nuances will be more pronounced throughout the kitchen corner.

5. Dimmed yellow light lighting

The right type of lighting to build a rustic feel is a dim yellow ray. Such lighting effectively creates a warm kitchen atmosphere and matches the interior look. Try putting the crystal chandeliers as the main light, and the lights of the walls in some corners to embellish the kitchen.


Decorate the most enjoyable kitchen done on a new home. But don't close the possibilities if you want to overhaul your old kitchen as well.

What matters is comfort while you cook. And comfortable it can be motivated with a room atmosphere especially.

Good luck.

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