Mini Kitchen Utensils

by Alberta Brown

Hello guys...

Some trinkets of household furniture may be very lively in this year's trend. But, don’t rush to determine the choice because not all of it is mandatory you have.


Some of the Baran you may need today is not always for the long haul, so just have to rethink to choose the right item for the long term instead?

Let's look at some of the things you have for your lovely kitchen.

1.Potato masher


Potatoes are the menu that we use most often because of the most carbohydrate content and make the stomach more complete. For breakfast for example. Potato mesh Menu is suitable if paired with a beef or blue Cordon teriyaki. And with this tool you don't have to bother to mess with your fingers. Pretty tingling I imagine it 😣



Who doesn't like pasta? This is definitely dinner today by eating this summer. Most pasta makers definitely need this tongs as your makeup pasta tool in a concave bowl. But apparently not only the pasta that requires using this clip brace, some hot food that comes out of the oven or steamer even until the frying pan also needs this item. If it's rethought, isn't this so multifunctional?

3.Long handled spoons


You often make soup? or other food? This long spoon is designed with goose and beautiful, suitable to occupy your beautiful kitchen.

Not much know that using this long spoon makes it easier for you from vegetable gravy to the intake of dried foods such as rice, wheat, small crackers, vegetable oil, grains and dried spices.

Wow! Pretty much anything he could do instead?

4.Log spoon with filter


Unlike the above scoop, this spoon is equipped with a filter that is suitable for you to take vegetables without taking the dish.

5. Onion slicer


Having this slicer is very helpful for you especially in the slices of onion to be more equal in size and protect your finger from the scat blade, and minimize the tears that come out because the process of the slicer is quite fast and precise. This Size it can be stay at your kitchen set

6. Vegetable Sharpener


Lol! Not only are the pencil guys that can be linked!

But long-form vegetables can also be linked. such as carrots, zucchini, local cucumber, pare, and eggplant. Only this result is shaped like a long noodle, usually a shape like this is suitable for the manufacture of sushi vegetables, vegetable salad and also vegetable sauerkraut.

7. Water Deflector


This filter makes it easy for you to slice the laundry of rice, pasta, wheat and other vegetables that are being washed or boiled.

Quite helpful so that your cuisine is not spilled into the sink or floor. With silicone material that's anti-heat and can be used for ordinary/cold water.

About the price, you can check it by yourself πŸ˜†

8. Potato cutter


Eating fries in a leisurely time indeed very supportive of relaxed atmosphere. With a cup of warm tea and a scarf on your neck.

Well, when you find it hard to cut potatoes, try to buy this tool. You just need one empty container and the potatoes have been cleaned to start cutting it. Now you can enjoy your fries without spending your time to eat fries. Very easy isn't it??

9. Fish scales greater


For those of you who consume fish often or not, having this tool makes it easy for you to clean fish scales.

There is no need for a long time, you it will enjoy the ease of the tools in your kitchen and often cook for your family.

10. Raise the Cover Tools


Closing the pan while still hot, makes your vegetable wither and color that is no longer beautiful.

One way is, when still the pot is still hot you can lift the lid a bit by using silicone cap holder. This tool is small, but very multifunctional. Because not only to hold the lid of the pot but for anchoring such as spoons, forks, chopsticks, gadgets also cover your food at the table.

Good luck πŸ˜‰

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