How To Keep The Kitchen Seasoning Dry To Be Durable

by Alberta Brown


Spice Kitchen is a weapon for us to cook, agree? Unfortunately, dry spices quickly damaged unknowingly. Suddenly there were moldy, smelling moist, until rotten. Instead of saving and efficient when cooking, we are wasteful because it should often waste stock.


Then how is it prepared? Fresh kitchen spices become the key to the delicacy of cuisine, and is often sold in many stocks. Relax, some tips below can be a store you keep the seasoning dried kitchen to last longer.

1. Onion and fresh herbs


Onions and fresh herbs cannot be separated from various cuisines. Starting from onion, garlic, onions, turmeric, ginger, galangal, cinnamon, and so forth. The main problem of this spice is that it quickly dries down so that its quality decreases to use.

Then, after buying it immediately remove from plastic wrapping. Without washing it first, place the spices in the clean container. Store in places that are not exposed to direct sunlight and moisture.

2. Chili pepper


There are big red chili peppers, curly red chili, cayenne pepper, to paprika. Often a mandatory spice in various recipes, note the way it is stored. Without the need to be washed, place chili in a container that has been lined with kitchen paper. Then close the meeting, and store in the refrigerator. Low temperature refrigerators can keep the freshness of chili. We can clean it shortly before cooking.

3. Grain


The kitchen seasoning is placed in small bottles and paired.

Keep the kitchen seasoning in the form of grain in the jar and close the meeting. There is pepper, coriander, pepper, clove, nutmeg, cumin, cardamom, fennel, sesame seeds that are in this category. Shaped beans and dried, the seasoning of this kitchen is not quickly damaged. But keep in mind, the main enemy is the insect and moist air that easily moldy.

Without having to be washed first, keep these grains of plastic jars or glass. Close the meeting, placing the jar in a coned container so as not to rub each other. Make sure the air around the storage shelf is not too damp so that it is not easily moldy. To ease you, label it the name and date of the purchase on the jar.

4. The Foliage


Leaves kitchen seasoning types are leaf greetings, citrus leaves, turmeric leaves, curry leaves, lemongrass, Pandan leaves, rosemary, oregano, thyme, and others. Adding flavor to the cuisine, it takes a special way to save it. The reason is that the leaves are easily discolored and dry if exposed to direct sunlight or hot exposure from the stove.

After buying it, immediately wash and dry. Then store in a closed container and put in the refrigerator. But we can still store it in the open and dry, as long as we put it in an open container and away from the stove.

5. Seasoning Powder Kitchen


We include practical people that tend to use powdered seasoning? Although more durable, powdered seasoning still requires proper storage.

seasoning-powder.1 The reason is, powder seasoning is rapidly agglomerate, smelling moist, until it's crowded with insects. Then, immediately store in an airtight container and tightly sealed to be durable.

In addition, there are some other easy tips to make the kitchen seasoning dry to last longer. First, make sure the cleanliness of the kitchen storage jar jars. The dirty and wet jars potentially make the kitchen seasoning easily moldy, agglomerate, or rot quickly. Secondly, it is recommended to provide a shelf or a special closet seasoning dry kitchen located away from the stove and not exposed to direct sunlight. We can attach shelves or cabinets that stick to the kitchen wall. Third, keep the refrigerator temperature and cleanliness to keep the kitchen spices fresh.

How difficult is not it to keep the kitchen seasoning dry to be durable? Try to practice so that we can be more passionate cooking yes.

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