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by Alberta Brown


Kitchen appliances are undergoing development year after year. As time changes, there are many modern kitchen appliances that make it easy for mothers at home to cook faster and efficiently. If the rice will take up to an hour before the stove, now cook rice only need 10 minutes in the rice cooker for example.

But besides rice cooker, what other kitchen utensils yes offer the ease and efficiency of time? Here we summarize seven modern and essential kitchen appliances that you need to have.

1. Multi Cooker


Multi cooker can be called as advanced version of Rice Cooker. It has a similar form, multi cooker offers a more diverse function of rice cooker. As the name implies ' multi ', this product can be used to fry, bake, and steam the food. The price of this kitchen equipment is also more expensive than the rice cooker usually. Interested in having this ' little robot can '?

2. Knife Sharpener


Sharpening the knife is well known from time immemorial. However, how to hone the knife grows plus the ease of feeling. If our grandmother used to hone the knife using stone, now there is a special kitchen equipment that is popular with the name ' Knife Sharpener '. The shape is quite varied, but the most commonly found is a long-form knife sharpener like a big knife. There is even a kind of knife sharpener that allows us to hone two knives at once.

3. Slow Press Juicer


Who doesn't like to drink juice? Fresh drinks from this fruit become an alternative for you who are lazy to eat fruit. Now, the juice maker's kitchen utensils are very diverse. The one that is being trend center is the Slow Press Juicer. This machine process fruits or vegetables slower so that the nutrients are assessed more awake.

4. Water Fryer


If you aren't able to escape from the frying pan, then water fryer can go into the list of your kitchen utensils. This kitchen utensils can fry food without oil. So healthier right? Water fryer use high-speed hot air so that it can make food cooked and crispy textured as fried.

5. Steam Oven


Steam Oven is also a solution for you who want to live healthy. Unlike ordinary ovens, steam ovens need to add water to enhance the maturation process. The hot steam provided by water is believed to make the food texture more preserved in its nutrients. The shortage of steam ovens simply can't make the food look tanned as like baked in a regular oven.

However, this tool will help you a lot in the everyday cooking process.

6. Kitchen utensils for the French fries’ cutter


Don't have time to peel plus chop potatoes? Leave it on the kitchen utensils of this one. Instant food cutting tools have been a lot of variation. Now, you can also cut potatoes to make French fries in a matter of seconds.

Cooking is getting more practical!

7. Bread Maker


Bread Maker or bread maker is an instant as well as more demand. Mothers are no longer needing to knead the bread ingredients plus fear the dough doesn't inflate. We just need to put the ingredients into the bread maker. Automatically, the modern kitchen equipment will help the dough, fermentation, and roasting process. Practically not it?

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