Hang To Keep It Beautiful And Minimalist

by Alberta Brown

One of the causes of your kitchen or dining room is often messy is that you never keep your eating utensils properly. And, cutlery that you rarely keep or neatly laid out are mugs.


Once washed plus dried, you just put it off. Whereas storing a mug random will make it dirty fast, dull in the inside, as well as make its surface is uneven. Try the following steps to beautify your mug storage space.

1. Use Display shelves


Use a bookshelf or shelf that is usually used to display handicrafts hanging on the wall as a place to store mugs. Choose a colorful mug with a unique motif plus neatly store it on the shelf. Surely use a mug that is available without having to buy again yes...

Besides easily search plus select it. This shelf can be for display, bookshelf or shelf for frames can also be used as a place to store mugs. You can also do the renovation to make the shelf look like the concept you want. Such a rustic concept, a bar, or a minimalist.

2. Clothes Hanger


When you have no idea, plus find your clothes hanger unemployed. Then you should make use of it to make it more useful with a mug hanger. You can repaint to fit the concept of your home. And rearrange the place you want to display. Make sure you easily find it...

3. Hanging on the wall


Making wall shelves for your kitchen mug display is quite save the budget plus place. You also need not be confused anymore with the layout. However, make sure that you have quite a wide wall or a significant place to make your mug hanger.

4. Hanging on nails and boards


Look for a wooden plank or a plywood that has not been used, beautify the note plus then paste it on the kitchen wall. Add spikes to the surface of the board so you can hang the mug on the nail. It is very low budget if you want to make a slight change to your kitchen.

5. Use basketball or trolley


Other things to simplify search, save budget, plus have ample space. You can also use used trolley with the addition of used basketball to arrange your mug with a theme according to your residence.

This is effective for storing mugs that you often use. Place it above the tray or basket plus store it in the middle of the trolley. While the top of the trolley you can use to put a pot containing coffee or tea.

Good luck

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