Get To Know The Air Fryer Minimalist And Healthy

by Alberta Brown

Water fryer is now one of the must-have cookware for those who are applying a healthy lifestyle without eating fried. Bulky tub-shaped robot, this cookware offers ease of frying in a healthy without using a lot of oil. Now, we can eat fried without feeling guilty. Great idea, right?


How do I fry food with this tool? What does it work like? What kind of cuisine can you use with this sophisticated frying pan? Let's see the following reviews!


How Water Fryer Works


This tool is the food that uses hot air circulating with high speed. With that speed, the hot air spreads well across the surface so as to make the food as if being cooked in a deep-fried way like when we fry fish nuggets. The water is evaporated in food, so the food produced crispy textured.

Water Fryer function

Its main function is frying foods with little or no oil. Frying foods with water fryer can reduce the fat content of unsaturated up to 80% compared to the usual frying process. The food produced certainly becomes healthier because it is freed from the various adverse effects of oil such as high cholesterol.

In addition to frying, there are other functions we can get from this little robot. One of them is baking cakes. We can use the water fryer like an oven by arranging pre-heat at a certain temperature according to the maturity we want plus even to just warm the food.

How to use water fryer

Cooking using an electric frying pan is simple plus easy. However, there are a few things to keep in mind for the cooking process to become more optimal. Here's the explanation.

1. Drying food before frying

If you want to fry foods like fries, make sure the potatoes are dry or do not contain a lot of water. Likewise, with other foods such as chicken plus meat. The more water the ingredients are contained, the harder the water fryer to produce the crisp texture.

2. Preheat first

Just like the oven, this frying pan needs to be heated first before use. The hot fryer water condition makes the frying process faster with maximum results.

3. Avoid inserting too many groceries


Even though the space in the water is quite large, we cannot put a lot of food into it. If the contents are too full, the resulting level of maturity is not the same so the taste is not maximal.

4. Pay attention to the oil dose

The size of oil used when cooking in fryer water also remains to be observed. Do not get too little or too much. Generally, we only need one to two tablespoons of oil for frying. In fact, there is no need for food to use oil at all when cooked.

5. Clean regularly

Similar to other cookware, this tool must be cleaned regularly. The way to clean it is a little different, the outside can be cleaned using a lap, while the inside can be cleaned using a soft dish washer sponge plus warm water.

For parts that are hard to clean, we can use a toothbrush with soft fur. Be sure not to brush it too hard. Use a clean wipe cloth to dry the cleared parts. It's time to fry without guilt!

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