Engrave Opportunities Over Fruits

by Alberta Brown


The fruit will also be very beautiful and interesting when being in the hands of a person carving artists. The artist's hand can conjure up a common fruit look into a carving that has high artistic value.

The art of carving fruit or commonly known as Fruit Carving is an activity carving and carving fruit using simple tools such as cutters, knives, and toothpicks become an amazing artwork.

We present some craving inspirations with the following fruits:

1. Papaya


The carved papaya fruit is short-sized so it makes it easy to carve. So, not to make a meal yes if it is so beautiful carving here.

2. Guava


Fruit that is round shape can also be transformed easily into a beautiful flower.

3. Dragon fruit


What is the name of this fruit in your domain? and, Who is this love to eat? This red or white fruit is increasingly captivating when engraved into beautiful flower petals.

4. Avocado


The flaccid fruit of this oval can also be transformed into a beautiful artwork yes. It could be a creative idea to increase your child's appetite too.

5. Watermelon


This fruit contains 78% water, so when you are carving this fruit you don't need to confuse to look for mineral water yes, because you can directly eat the part of this fruit in lieu of water mineral you!

6. Mango


Who doesn't like the same sweet fruit this one? Especially if it has been transformed into with a charming look like this. More dazzling right?

7. Apple


This fruit is a very easy fruit to be carved and not infrequently the chefs make it a plating dish. The flower carvings are quite beautiful and significant in every ridge. Very interesting to try it.

8. Honey melon flower


This melon fruit that is still family with watermelon, has a lot of water content too. You have to be careful in measuring it because the texture of the fruit itself is very mushy inside. Although mushy, this fruit is also very sweet. So, it’s perfect for your dessert.

9. Circle pumpkin


In celebration of Halloween pumpkin fruit itself becomes a mandatory symbol for the party. And a variety of carving shapes that are used one of them is the design lanterns. Which is very popular with the name of a ghost lantern.

This fruit is quite hard if it isn't processed into food, then you must be very careful to do the design formation that you want. Because if not your knife can slip hard from the skin and the fruit itself. But if it has become food processed, WoW!! It was delicious!

10. Coconut


Who can also be used as a carving material in this fruit menu? The harsh texture and oily of this very make the slippery terrain to do the engraving and should be extra careful. But if it has become the desired shape, coconut is also not less interesting with a fruit. Like this bird shape!

In addition to the above fruits, there are still many other types of fruit that you can try to carving with beautiful and charming.

Happy to trial guys…

and keep reading for more info 🙌🙋

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