Dont Ignore The Silver Plates

by Alberta Brown


If some of you are still storing silver plates, be thankful! Plates with a silver type are better compared with other types of metals or plastics. Not only because the price is cheaper than a plate with a type of glass or other metal, but this type of plate is also a lot of benefits.

Some of the benefits of silver plates.

1. Silver anti bacteria

Silver-based plates are anti-bacterial plates. Eating food on a plate of this type means you are safe in other words you avoid bacteria. If you boil water in a silver-based place then you can get rid of the bacteria in it.

2. Good for children


Don't worry to feed the child using a silver-based plate. It's safety so that your child is spared from bacterial attack.

3. Keep food fresh

Food that is placed in silver has a longer freshness rate than if it is placed on a plate made from other bases. Silver kills microbes and stifle their growth.

4. Body immunity wakefulness


Silver increases the body's immunity so it can keep you from infection.

5. Not toxic

Silver is not oxidized so it's safe for the body. While other ingredients can be oxidized and turn into toxins for the body.

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