Create A Luxurious Dining Environment

by Alberta Brown


The importance of eating places in modern home life is increasingly evident. Eateries are a place for families to eat together, as well as a place to entertain friends and rest. Today we recommend 4 dining decor effects, so you can feel relax a meal at home.


The kitchen is not too broad compared to the construction of the kitchen in general. But with such a minimalist design, it gives the owner a comfortable impression. Wall Abstract motif Tile with a blend of window-scattered letter L make this kitchen looks healthy with many ventilations for air circulation while cooking. The addition of a lamp design that fills your kitchen roof fits perfectly with the wooden furniture underneath. This blend of rustic and minimalist is very Instagram-able.


Who said making the dining table in the corner of the room is impossible?

The beauty of every home is how your creativity works. So, having an idea like this does not hurt. In addition to saving your existing space is also not too far in preparing your food dishes.

A vertical accent window like this gives your kitchen a natural light.

There is good you give a touch of natural color ornaments to make it look rustic plus fresher with a little ornamental plant at your table.


Found a spacious kitchen idea?

Try it with a full design from your garage to create a wider kitchen.

Color Theme Dusty blue with the page beside the kitchen looks very comfortable.

The combination of black gives firmness to the minimalist kitchen side, and natural color as a blend of rustic design. This design is very suitable with the contents of the house dense occupants. Obviously, your big family doesn't have to bother looking for a spot to do a barbeque at all times.

For some people who love monochrome colors often design a house or a room with this theme and not least try to apply it to their kitchen.


The dining room that became one with the family room was very impressed and relaxed. A slightly darker natural color and the original plant is very peaceful with this room, the big bulb lights over the room add to the warm impression of this room.

The Sofa on the side with a gray color and a monochrome bearing are also plain colors in terms of the rectangular carpet under the table of the door. As well, natural lighting feels fresher because the window in this room is quite high and white is the base of this room.

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