Clean And Well Maintained Wood Cutting Board With 5 Ways

by Alberta Brown


Wood cutting boards are always in every kitchen. This grocery base needs to be cleaned properly so that bacteria cannot be nest.

Many people rely on wood cutting boards to prepare pieces of groceries. Wood cutting boards are considered more natural by many people than plastic boards. Unfortunately, the use of wood cutting boards is often less precise.

Many people do not know how to properly clean the wood cutting board so that the scent of food still lags. Worse, if there is a stroke in the wood cutting board, this area can be a nest of bacterial growth that endangers health.

A few popular methods to clean the wood cutting board as follows:

1. Baking Soda


If your timber cutting board does not need intense cleaning, the pasta made from home-made soda cake can be a solution. How to make it, mix one tablespoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of salt, plus one tablespoon of water. Stir well this paste plus apply it to the cutting board plus scrub thoroughly.

2. Lemon and salt herb


This method is very easy to do plus able to provide a fresh aroma. Simply prepare the lemon slices plus salt. First sprinkle the salt to the entire surface of the wooden cutting board, then rub it with lemon until it secretes the juice. Lastly, rinse with water.

3. Kitchen paper Tricks


To quickly clean the cutting board, you need 2 sheets of kitchen tissue, a little vinegar plus hydrogen peroxide. Soak a kitchen with vinegar plus wipe the entire surface of the wood cutting board. Then soak the second kitchen paper with hydrogen peroxide plus wipe back your wood cutting board.

4. Whitening Solution


Get ready to chop chicken, meat or cut fish. First understand how to clean the stubborn stain of wood cutting. The way, mix one tablespoon of bleach with two liters of water. Soak the wood cutting board in a whitening solution plus leave for a few minutes. Next, rinse thoroughly with hot water.

5. Salt and hot water


How to clean this one is very easy and fast, which is why it is very popular plus reliable. This method is also quite potent to remove stains like residual shallots and turmeric. When the wood cutting board is completely dry, sprinkle the salt to the entire surface then scrub it using a sponge that has been soaked in hot water. Wood Cutting board is guaranteed back clean.

Once you know how to clean the wood cutting board, you also need to avoid common mistakes using cutting boards. Start from using the same cutting board for all groceries until lazy to replace the old cutting board. Here's a frequent mistake.

1. Use the same cutting board for meat plus vegetable


How many cutting boards do you have in the kitchen? At minimum you should have two boards. One for cutting beef, chicken plus fish. The other one to cultivate vegetables and fruit. The same cutting board if used to cut meat, chicken plus seafood and vegetables can trigger the risk of cross-contamination. Given the raw chicken can contain salmonella bacteria. We recommend using two cutting boards with different colors to prepare two different ingredients.

2. Use cutting board proportion


Often the use of cutting board from cutting board. It doesn't take into account the many materials cut or chopped. Consequently, small cutting boards are often forced to prepare a lot of material. Foodstuffs were cut or spilled outside the cutting board so that it became dirty.

Cutting board should still provide enough space for the movement of the blade slicing or snaking so that the foodstuffs can be prepared properly.

3. Lazy to brush the surface of cutting board


Knife scars on wood cutting boards and plastics often leave the old scars can be deep. Dirt is also easy to nest in scars. The consequences often arise mushrooms.

Therefore, the cutting board must be washed clean plus brush with a wire brush so that the dirt is lifted clean. If the strokes are getting deeper plus more, we recommend replacing the cutting board immediately.

4. Lazy to replace the old cutting board


The cutting board should be straight on the surface so that the groceries can be cut out well. If the board has long been used, it will be concave in the middle or frequently used sections. If cutting conditions like this should change immediately.

If left thinning plus toothed a lot, bacteria plus dirt will readily nest in the surface of the cutting board. Cutting Board is also no longer its function.

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