Caring For Your Kitchen Knives

by Alberta Brown

KNIVES are the most essential kitchen appliances. Without this tool, it feels very difficult to make a delicious dish. The professional chefs even recommend everyone to have several types of knives according to their respective functions.


Next, we will discuss the types of knife and its usefulness... 😉😉

Yet as expensive or as good as any knife you have, if not properly cared for the quality of the resulting dishes will not be maximal.

Here are some important things that you should know about the technique of sharpening and the proper way of caring for the knife, to last and last long.

Use the right mat


Improper base or cutting board will make the knife faster blunt. To avoid this, you can use wood and plastic cutting boards when you want to cut groceries. In addition, use a large sized base to ease you during the cutting process.

Wash the knife thoroughly


Washing the knife by hand is a great way to clean the kitchen appliance. The automatic washing machine will usually change the color of the knife, trigger the lighters, and damage some parts of the blade without you realizing it. Use warm water, soap, and sponge to wash the knife thoroughly. After that, dry the knife thoroughly using a towel or paper towel.

Don't keep it in dirty or wet state unless you want a knife that is rusty.

Tricks for a long time


If the knife is not worn for a long period of time, after washing and drying dry, grease with a thin-thin cooking oil, wipe with a tissue and wrap the knife with a kitchen paper. Then...

Save in the right place


Before storing the knife, make sure you place it right. Buy special tools such as plastic or rubber gloves to cover the parts of the clock. This way, you don't have to worry about storing the Knife in a cupboard drawer or put on the kitchen cabinet. But keep in mind, we recommend that you keep a knife that is far within reach of children.

The sharpener used


If sharpening the knife with a grinding stone, aim for the directional movement. For example, if the first direction is down then the next should also point downward. Because if different directions, the knife will be blunt.

Eliminates fishy smell


Not only warm water, you can also use toothpaste as a material to remove the fishy smell of the knife. Simply apply the toothpaste to taste and let stand for a few minutes then rinse off, the knife will return sharply and get reused at another time. You don't want a knife that you'll wear dirty and smelly unpleasant?

Furthermore, if you raise your knife in sharp condition, you can use it to make every start and after using. Guaranteed definitely won't be blunt!

Congratulations try some tips from us yes 💁

Next there will be some info about the types of kitchen knives that you must know 😎

See you 🙋🙋

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