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by Alberta Brown

It has a minimalist or spacious kitchen even if you can't keep it clean then it can't be called a kitchen. Because clean is the main thing that your kitchen should have.


Adding some multifunctional stuff and not consuming much space is indispensable for the minimalist kitchen plus makes it easier for you to find your stuff. In addition, you can install and uninstall it according to your condition without having to use a large service.


Some reference furniture that is best seller according to our research, has included for your shopping ideas this year.

The black circle


This black circle is very multifunctional, you can use it to put a hot iron, hot food, put the cake printout, even the cake after exiting the oven can stick to it.



The capital of the black circle is quite appealing to some photography. To get a big cost. You can get it at your nearest store or online store.

Hanging wall rack


Installing this wall hanging rack is solution for your mini kitchen. You can make your laundry in the shelf before you reset it into your kitchen set cabinet. The results are amazingly drier evenly without leaving a damp smell in your closet.


To be clean should not bother and difficult. Just requires your diligence and willingness to be quick to respond when there is a slight stain even garbage.


This hanging rack is designed specifically for your clean walls and above your washbasin allows the water to directly fall into the sink without needing to effort to re-clean.

Quite simple and significant is not it? How? Does this product go into your monthly shopping record? We are very pleased if you use this idea.

White bowl x stand protect


This white bowl is designed to heat your food into the microwave. With this triple-footed Acacia wood Stand protects your table and counters without damaging the furniture as well. The design is simple enough to decorate your table and perform perfectly for both casual and formal dinners.

Portable hanger


You can install this portable hanger at your cabinet door if possible. Besides being funny with the colors were, this hanger design is quite strong with us putting some cooking utensils such as a vegetable spoon, or a pot lid until your sink cleanser.

Pretty interesting isn't it?

Jar spice rack



You can add a dynamic seasoning rack to your closet shelf or made portable between the walls with your cupboard shelf on the outside side. Make your kitchen neater plus more efficient when you are looking for your kitchen seasoning.



Black Acacia wood and Natural Colors are ready for two color, cross each other a spice shelf in a three-in-one design that can stand alone, mounted on a wall or tucked into a drawer. Occupying the corner is 18 glass bottles filled with savory seasoning plus equipped with a Stainless-Steel cap plus a Sifter disk for easy dispensing.


Seasonings include: dill weed, seasoning salt, Oregano, Basil, marjoram, parsley, crushed mint, coriander, bay leaves, herbs de Provence, gourmet sea salt, pizza seasoning, salt celery, rosemary, fennel seed, Cilantro, Italian plus savory seasoning. plus, soft textured kitchen spices.

German steel blade


It doesn't hurt you to collect a complete knife like this in your kitchen. Because one time we definitely need it. Having one knife will not make it easier for you to do many cuts.

1 Set contains 15 namely bread knife, chef knife, Carver Slicer, utility knife, peeler knife, Steak knife, Santoku knife, Pettit Chef blade, plus added sharpener plus Borough block have become unity with this knife.

This knife is certainly very complete for your kitchen needs, especially in terms of cutting, slicing plus peeling. The very classical design with steel material from Germany is high quality with high carbon polished perfectly plus sticky adhesive on the matte black handle.

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