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by Alberta Brown

As time goes by, digital products are increasingly in demand by communities with certain ranges, functions, and prices. Various sophisticated tools that are quite reliable in our daily life support the system. Like some kitchen cooking aids.

1. Slimmest sous vide


This tool shaped long tube with a height of 1,3Mtr made of stainless-steel CAP & Base plus white colored. The size of the half machine sous Vide is small enough to occupy your kitchen shelf set. It works pretty simple plus unique. He uses 2.4 GHz Wi - Fi and is powered at 1100 watts for super-fast water heating. In addition, you can also operate it with Bluetooth with a range of at least 4.0 wireless technology.


And to run this tool, you are required to download Joule application and operate this machine from your phone, either with Android system (4.4) or IOS (8.0) or the latest series of your gadgets.


In this Joule app, cooking any light will be easier accompanied by this sous Vide machine. Even for making brisket meat, after your oven your 3hrs can directly soak meat using plastic vacuum plus bring to a boil in the water containing this machine. And wait 62hours. Then you'll really want to have one.


The level of maturity produced by this machine is very narrow. No need to bother dinner at the restaurant for the beef brisket or steak. This machine is able to make it happen!



Caution: Don't use this machine for more than 120hrs! Because if it's too long then the voltage and converged transformers can damage your Joule and you don't get the warranty for damage like this in the region of North America.

2. Rubbermaid sous vide container


Next the pair container from the Slimmest Sous Vide Machine. This container is specially designed with 3 sizes, from 12, 18, plus 22 silicone material. You don't have to bother looking for separate containers because they also provide them.


Stop evaporation for sous vide, isolation feature helps to cook a long time even at night without you having to fill water. How? Quite simple plus significant is not it?


In addition to saving energy, your time is also efficient for other things. You can go shopping or office for example.


This container has lid with silicone material from Germany so it can be folded without worrying. And the silicon lid is very gentle plus flexible when you fall off as you cook.


You also do not need to use an extra clamp to hold the vacuum bag that has been closed, as the container lid can withstand the bag properly. And of course, without worrying you will leak or fall.


It's just that when you buy this container, they include containers with lid without ANOVA.

How? Have you had the need to have it?

3. Electric pressure cooker

Wouldn't it save time to cook it more efficiently than a day in the kitchen and could not even faster end it?

Now comes a multifunctional electric cooker while saving your time. This instant Pot is very modern, its operation has also been using Smart Wi-fi.


Speaking of excellence, this Pot is designed to incorporate 8 of your kitchen utensils into one, namely: Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, stir-fry, Steamer and warmer.

Pretty easy isn't it? has one item with its various functions. You can save your money for this one.


You simply have to connect this tool with Wi-Fi in your home, download Instant Pot app when you sit back and you can while preparing the ingredients according to your desired food recipes. Armed with stainless steel steam shelves with grip, paddle rice, spoon soup, measuring glasses as well as condensation collectors make you want to have it right away?



This Instant Pot has security protection that is very secure. More than 10 types of security features they design, including Overheat protection, safety locks, and more to ensuren safe cooking pressures.


If you're an IOS user can download the app on APPSTRORE or PLAYSTORE for Android users.


There are hundreds of recipes inside that are ready to be practiced for your culinary savings this week. There is also an online community of users of the app as well which allows you to suddenly become a culinary vlogger. Come visit the official website and get this Pot for more cost-effective later this year! 😍😍

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