Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pressure Cooker

by Alberta Brown


This cookware is also known as a pressure cooker, a pan with a special technology is very practical to use to accelerate the cooking process – especially when cooking meat.

Here we reviewed the pros and cons of using this pot.

Excess pot presto


The difference of Presto pan with ordinary pot is the use of high vapor pressure to repair ingredients. The pot cover is given an airtight feature that produces high pressure and dramatically raises the temperature so that it is able to create soft, fast textured food ingredients. When the pan is heated and closed, the liquid in it forms a vapor that raises the high pressure in the pan.

In addition, the boiling point of water in the pot also rises rapidly and produces a high heat so that it helps cooked food faster. This high pressure also forces the fluid into the meat so that it becomes tender faster. Besides being more efficient, using the Presto Pan also saves fuel. You can cut cooking time up to one-third of cooking time using a regular pot.

It is the right choice for you if you cook beef with a soft texture. For example, such as beef or goat ribs, chicken village, organ meats such as tripe, beef liver, and to soften the texture of bones as well as Presto Milkfish.

Presto pot shortage


Behind the excess, the Presto Pan also has some disadvantages. It is necessary to note, especially for those who are still beginners in using it.

First, a short time in the process of maturation and meat fleshy usually make the texture of the flesh has a soft rush when the seasoning has not sufficiently absorbed into the flesh.

For meat types like chicken, you should be careful in estimating the cooking time. If it’s too long cooked in a press pan, not just the texture that becomes too soft, but the flesh can become crushed and detached from the bones. The Presto Pan care also really requires the attention of the owner. The lid of the press pan after use will store the remnants of the cooking ingredients. The rest of this can be stuck in between the lid of the pot to the rubber part of the Presto pot. You should diligently cleanse it even to the sidelines. Also check the quality of the pot lid for always functioning properly.

Try putting it into your kitchen furniture list. You will find the convenience of every difficulty softening groceries such as beef rib soup and soft bone chicken. This is a pressure cooker furniture in addition to using oven and cola to soften your meat.

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