8 Tips Kitchen Wall Cleansing

by Alberta Brown

The kitchen is one of the places, Note the cleanliness. Because the kitchen is the most vulnerable place with dirt. Moreover, if we do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the kitchen, then it is certain, our kitchen will be very dirty because of the cooking activities that are done every day.


The stains that are in the kitchen usually come from the oil that we use while cooking, whether it is a splash of oil while frying, spills the broth, and so forth. In fact, we have been trying to clean it by rubbing it as hard as we can, but still the stain is not lost, even causing unpleasant smell. So that the radar invites on the roaches in our kitchen. BIG NO!

Well here are the tips to make the wall in the kitchen free from oily stains. To clean an oily wall or kitchen floor, the way is:

1. Wheat flour


By sprinkling a little wheat flour on the oil spots, then wipe it using a dry cloth. Wheat flour is a material that can absorb oil, using this way, the oil that is stubborn will soon disappear.

2. Corn flour mixed vinegar


However, if you find that stubborn stains are too long to accumulate dirt, use vinegar and corn flour.


Combine the two ingredients with a dose of 1:1 then rub it on the stain, then wipe it using a damp cloth.

3. Dry tissue


You can also use the dry tissue, with the notes after using the stove, you immediately clean it. Not only always appear clean, but will not leave a pungent odor that can invite flies and insects.

4. Wet Tissue


When dry Tissue does not make your kitchen has a fragrant scent, you can rinse it off using a non-alcohol wet tissue. Because alcohol content can ignite fire if your stove is in hot state.

5. Baking Soda


You must often hear this magic powder, in addition to the mixture of foodstuffs, baking soda is able to clean stubborn stains with a very potent. Moreover, your kitchen furniture is made from stainless steel, it will look like you just bought it.

6. Lemon


Lemon contains citrus which is also able to clean the stubborn and rust stains in your kitchen furniture. Like a splash of water in the sink, stove and also in your pot.

7. Tea powder


The tea powder is able to clean the stubborn stains while giving the natural tea aroma to your kitchen. Use the residual or used tea powder you use. Give a little water to moisturize the tearless powder if dry. Make sure the tea powder is not contaminated with sugar yes, because after you use it, you will also invite ants to your kitchen.

8. Coffee

Coffee powder is also able to clean the stubborn stains and how it uses the same as tea powder. Just that the scent is left differently.

That's tips on cleaning oily stains on the kitchen walls, surely the stubborn stains can be solved easily in an uncomplicated way. And the good thing, you just need natural ingredients to clean it.

Keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. Because a clean kitchen can improve the mood of cooking while making our food will be free from germs and impurities causing the disease.

Good Luck 😉😉

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