10 Types Of Plates For Table Manner

by Alberta Brown

When enjoying an official meal, you will definitely find a variety of dishes at the dining table. Then what are the differences and functions of each of these plates?


As the main tableware, the plates are always present in every meal either in the stall or in a luxury hotel. Whether it's for appetizers, snacks, main meals, to desserts, it's all served in different types of dishes. Indeed, in the Order of science table manner, the selection of plate types always adjusted to the type of food presented.

So, you shouldn't be surprised when you find many different models of dishes yes because each of them has different functions. Well, so that when the table manner you aren't confused, let me see the various types of dishes that must be found.

1. Dinner plates


Dinner is one of the main dining times of the day, therefore the name of the dinner plate means the plate used for the main dining menu.The plate for the main meal or main course is a circle-shaped plate, large-sized, plus has a diameter of about 26 cm. Many people use this kind of plate for lunch plus breakfast, however, many also differentiate the plates used.

2. Dessert plates


This kind of plate that is often used in formal plus informal banquets is also called the luncheon plate by some craftsmen. The function is very diverse, can be used for appetizers, snacks, or as a dessert. This 18 cm diameter plate will often be met at weddings, parties, as well as various other small events.

3. Appetizer plates


Appetizer Plate has a variable size starting from 17 cm plus usually has a curved tip but without indentation. Although it looks similar to bread plus butter plate, but the size of appetizer plate slightly larger.


This is according to the main function of this kind of plate as a container for an appetizer larger in size such as fruit or cheese.

4. Bread and Butter plates


This kind of plate is also called as side plate or quarter plate because it is often placed to the left of the fork. In terms of shape, Bread and Butter Plates is still shaped like other plates, only with a smaller diameter of about 15 cm.

5. Fish plates


As the name suggests, this kind of plate is usually reserved for the presentation of fish. You can know the fish plate easily because it has a shape that is oblong with various sizes. Because of its function to serve fish, there are many fish plates that are adjusted to the size of the fish presented.

6. Salad plates


Many types of dishes are named according to its main function, including salad plate which is pointless to serve salads. Salad plate has a round shape with two types of size, which is big measuring about 22 cm plus a small measuring about 20 cm.

No need to worry about being confused because the salad plate has a larger size compared to the bread and butter plate.

7. Soup plates


When noted, the shape of soup plate looks very different compared to other types of dishes. It's influenced by its main function i.e. as a soup container, requiring a more functional shape similar to the bowl.

There are different types of soup plates for formal plus informal meals, where usually at formal meals using a soup plate shorter than the size of the bowl.

8. Saucers


Saucer is actually not a main plate used to serve food but a placemat. No wonder if the size is smaller, only about 14 cm because it is only used as a base for soup plate and soup cup so that the soup is not spilled.

Remember, don't use saucer to milk the food yes!

9. Charger


This one plate has a decorative edge kind with a size of about 33 cm plus make this plate as the largest kind of plate. Just like saucer, charger plate is also not used to multiply food because its main function is only as dining table decoration.

You will find a charger plate used to multiply the salad plate, appetizer plate, to the dessert plate.

10. Plate platter


Platter plates become the most common kinds of plate owned by everyone. The plate has a larger shape because it corresponds to it's function to put many kinds of food with a large amount. This plate model is also often used by restaurants or caf├ęs to present different types of side dishes.

The position of the plate is usually located in the middle of the table and separated with rice. For the kinds or shape of the platter plate is usually very diverse ranging from oval shape, round, box plus more attractive design resembles a leaf or another model. This kind of plate can also be served in the procedure to arrange a dining table in a traditional and modern way.

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