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Is Your Facebook Account for Sale to Criminals?

VeriSign, an Internet security services vendor, has revealed that criminals are offering for sale 1.5 million compromised Facebook accounts to buyers for pries ranging from $15 to $45 per 1000 accounts, The higher prices are for accounts with more contacts. As Facebook has about 300 million to 400 million users, 1.5 million accounts represents about 0.375% to 0.5% of their user base. But the true impact may be far larger, possibly affecting tens of millions of Facebook users. Continue reading

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Google Says 15% of Malware is Fake Antivirus Ads

The next time you are browsing away on the web and see a pop-up offering you antivirus software or alerting you that your computer is infected and you need to repair it, be very cautious. It is quite likely the pop-up display is an advertisement intended to spread malware to infect your computer. Don’t doubt this because you’re looking at a web page from a major media company like the New York Times or an ad served by Google or Yahoo, either. All of these and more are having problems with their advertising services being subverted into malware distribution systems. Continue reading

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Virus and Malware Protection On The Cheap Via Microsoft Security Essentials

Recently, I’ve started using Microsoft Security Essentials after running into trouble with my computer in a rather odd manner. The program resolved the problems I was having, was easy to install, is light on computer resource usage, and best of all is free. Although I am generally not a fan of Microsoft anything, I’d like to give them a thumbs up on Microsoft Security Essentials. I strongly recommend you give it a try before you shell out for another annual upgrade to whatever internet security software you may be using today. It’s solved a lot of problems I was having with Norton Internet Security 2010 blocking opening a PDF file, making my mouse pointer jerky and slow, and causing failures to suspend, resume, and reboot my computer.
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