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Is Your Facebook Account for Sale to Criminals?

VeriSign, an Internet security services vendor, has revealed that criminals are offering for sale 1.5 million compromised Facebook accounts to buyers for pries ranging from $15 to $45 per 1000 accounts, The higher prices are for accounts with more contacts. As Facebook has about 300 million to 400 million users, 1.5 million accounts represents about 0.375% to 0.5% of their user base. But the true impact may be far larger, possibly affecting tens of millions of Facebook users. Continue reading

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Framed for Child Porn by a PC Virus

The Associated Press has recently published news of an investigation it conducted into people being framed for child pornography by the use of computer viruses and other malware. The results make it clear that innocent people are having their lives ruined by government witch hunts for child pornography after unknowingly becoming victims of computer viruses.
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Unsecured Wireless Networks Risk Being Framed for Crimes

Do you have an unsecured wireless network or wireless access point in your home or business? If so, you may think all you have at risk is somebody wasting your bandwidth. But there’s a lot more at risk than megabits per second here. If you’re running unsecured wireless networks, you may be setting up your friends, employees, family and yourself for being scapegoated as child pornography criminals.
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