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Exercising Your Free Speech Rights Despite Government Harassment

The Internet may finally provide citizens a way to fight the abuse of power, corruption, and criminal activities of the American judiciary. Yet to do this effectively, citizens must be aware that the courts are powerful and will exert influence to crush their political opponents if they can discover who they are. Tools exist to help citizens report the facts without being easily targeted for political retribution. This article discusses why this is important as well as a few basic but powerful tools to enable anonymous free speech. Continue reading

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Reducing Search Engine Privacy Risks

Nearly anybody using the Internet in recent years is using search engines on a frequent basis. Even though many of us may believe it’s relatively private given that we don’t log in to the search engines or enter user names or passwords, the truth is that the search engine vendors are saving the search data, records of pages accessed, and even our typing mistakes. If they or somebody interested wants to do so, they can often get access to that data and use it to identify the people and build a profile that they may then use as “evidence” to paint a picture of a person’s behavior to be used against them in court, employment reviews, blackmail, extortion, or other means. In this article, I’ll describe some of the risks and steps you can take to reduce the threat to your privacy and personal freedom of speech. Continue reading

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