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Governments Among Top Internet Censors According to Google

Google has recently published its latest Transparency Report that discloses to the public information on “take down” operations that Google is demanded to do for reasons such as violations of copyright law, terms of service agreements, and government requests. Google … Continue reading

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FBI Child Pornographers Persecute Innocent Citizens?

Writer Brian Rothery of website Inquisition21 claims that the American FBI is one of the world’s foremost publishers of illegal child pornography in his article America devours its young. That might sound like a shocking claim, but to those who have seen American “law enforcement” operate, it is totally plausible.

American law enforcement makes a regular practice of violating the Constitution and civil rights by running persecution campaigns to frame, denigrate, and ruin people accused of crimes which they probably never committed. They do this to people who have never even been charged or given a trial, fair or not. Many of these people are in fact victims of crimes such as computer hacking, credit card theft, and false accusations made by people who have something to gain by hurting them. Yet too many cops think that their jobs are attacking and throwing people in jail and that somehow this means that complying with the laws themselves is optional. Continue reading

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